About FinReg

Enhance your regulatory knowledge with bite-sized content.

The go-to knowledge hub for professional service providers

A Knowledge Centre that optimises regulatory research. INTELLLEX’s patented search technology assists you and your clients to make informed business decisions
FinReg is a regulatory search platform that breaks down content into bite-sized question and answer pairs.

Explore legal/regulatory financial regulations in multiple jurisdictions, including Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK.

Our intelligent search and categorisation capabilities give users an intuitive way to retrieve knowledge based on their business context and related topics.

On top of FinReg, INTELLLEX builds knowledge centres for professional services as a TOOL for lead generation.

Provide potential clients with a platform to access your company’s expertise before closing. Save them hours of trawling through web pages and service offerings.

Help your existing clients with an easy-to-use platform for frequently asked questions.

FAQs on FinReg

Our promise to you

  • Quick understanding of regulations

    Users want to know 3 things - “What can be done?”, “What cannot be done” and “What is currently unclear?”. FinReg presents content in a way where users get clarity upfront about a particular regulatory status (with minimal legalese).

  • Verified by authorities / professionals

    Users want to know that the content they read is accurate and updated. FinReg content is either written by professionals or real time direct extracts from legislative/regulatory authority. User trust in our content is one of our product priorities.

  • Intuitive content organisation

    Every user has a mental framework when they are doing regulatory research and content organised accordingly makes user retrieval intuitive. FinReg guides our users by connecting the dots between what the authorities say and how it applies to them. This way, users can arrive at useful content quickly.

  • Personalised to your business context

    All problems are ultimately business problems, including regulatory challenges. FinReg frames questions and answers from the user’s business context so that content retrieved is practical and easy to digest.

Brought to you by INTELLLEX


INTELLLEX builds legal and regulatory knowledge centres. We help professional service firms leverage connections and insights from our knowledge database to deliver better business outcomes. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology automatically extracts and organises important metadata for easy retrieval and discoverability.

INTELLLEX can build you a knowledge centre to improve lead generation. Get in touch to learn more.