Capital Markets Services: Licence application

How to apply for the CMS licence?

According to MAS (Pages)
last revised on 7 Oct 2021

If your company is applying for a CMS licence, your company should submit Form 1 under the Securities and Futures (Licensing and Conduct of Business) Regulations (SF(LCB)R). If your company already holds a CMS licence for certain regulated activities and wishes to add another activity to the CMS licence, you should submit Form 5 under the SF(LCB)R.

In addition, if you hire or appoint individuals to conduct a regulated activity under your licence, you have to appoint these individuals as an appointed or provisional representative for that regulated activity. You can refer to the page Appointing a Representative for CMS Licensees or Exempt Financial Institutions for more information.

"The procedure to apply for both CMS and FA licenses

  1. Complete all application forms and submit to MAS, along with supporting documents
  2. Payment of fee during application process
  3. Successful applicants will receive their CMS license or CMS Representative’s License and Annual License Fee Advice – the license is valid for 3 years."

Source: Paul Hype Page & Co, last revised on 29 Sep 2021