Carbon Tax in Singapore

When and how should a monitoring report be submitted?

According to NEA (Pages),

The Monitoring Plan is a document that identifies and describes the facility’s GHG emission sources and streams, emissions quantification methods and quality management framework. The Monitoring Plan submission includes the Monitoring Plan Template (‘MP Template’) and the relevant supporting documents. The Monitoring Plan will need to be submitted and approved by NEA before the start of the first reporting period. The reporting period is the calendar year during which the direct GHG emissions are measured and reported.

The approved Monitoring Plan will apply for all future reporting periods unless there is a change to the Monitoring Plan. The registered corporation shall ensure that the Monitoring Plan remains current and up-to-date.

Monitoring Plan submission and template

The registered corporation shall use the MP Template provided by NEA to prepare its Monitoring Plan submission for each taxable facility. The MP Template has been designed in Microsoft Excel to allow the Monitoring Plan submission to be prepared offline and electronically. Each taxable facility shall use this MP Template for consistency and to facilitate the approval of the facility’s Monitoring Plan submission.

The MP Template can be downloaded from the EDMA system here.

The completed MP Template and supporting documents will need to be uploaded onto the EDMA system.