Nature of Financial Advisory services

What is the definition of advising on corporate finance?

According to the Securities and Futures Act 2001

“advising on corporate finance” means giving advice —

  • (a) to any person (whether as principal or agent, or as trustee of a trust) concerning compliance with or in respect of laws or regulatory requirements (including the listing rules of an approved exchange) relating to the raising of funds by any entity, trustee of a trust on behalf of the trust or responsible person of a collective investment scheme on behalf of the collective investment scheme;

  • (b) to a person making an offer —

    • (i) to subscribe for or purchase specified products; or
    • (ii) to sell or otherwise dispose of specified products, concerning that offer;
  • (c) concerning the arrangement, reconstruction or take-over of a corporation or any of its assets or liabilities; or

  • (d) concerning the take-over of a business trust or any of its assets or liabilities held by the trustee-manager on behalf of the business trust;