Nature of offshore companies

Why should I offshore my company?

Who uses offshore companies, and Why?
There are too many reasons why someone would want to use an offshore company. A quick list:

  • Asset protection
  • Avoid capital gains tax and inheritance tax
  • Gain access to tax treaties or lower tax rates
  • Good legal frameworks and infrastructure

In most cases, the rules and regulations of a corporate company are less strict in a foreign country than in the home country.

  • There is discretion when it comes to financial accounting.
  • Offshore in a country that is a tax haven and you get to pay less tax.
  • You won't have to pay corporate taxes for your limited company in your home jurisdiction.
  • The general public does not have access to the confidential information of an offshore company.
  • Your assets are always safe and protected by the country you offshore in. There is also a separate legal system in those countries which ensures malicious entities do not break into your assets.
  • Offshore company incorporation gives the entrepreneurs an opportunity to house intellectual property and global trademarks because of the strong legal system.