Nature of Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals

Different types of POS systems in Singapore

"Terminal/desktop POS
This type of POS system is typically found in businesses that have a visible cash register or a counter where all the transactions take place. Although they usually rely on POS hardware and software, most terminal/desktop POS systems need internet access to function properly.

Mobile POS
In contrast to the previous POS system, the mobile POS system is smaller in scale but just as useful. It’s typically distributed as a smartphone app that’s bundled with a credit card reader attachment. For added functionality, optional attachments such as the barcode scanners and receipt printers are also available.

Tablet POS
Similar to the mobile POS systems, Tablet POS systems offer the same kind of mobility but with more features such as bookkeeping, inventory, and employee management. The way tablet POS systems work is pretty much the same as mobile POS systems as the POS system software is installed on the tablet and optional accessories may come bundled with it.

Self-Service Kiosk POS
Unlike the three POS systems mentioned, self-service kiosk POS systems do not need a cashier or human employee to facilitate the transaction. Instead, it allows customers to complete the transaction by themselves, which points to the future of business transactions."

Source: Qashier, last revised 12 March 2021