Overview of visa/work passes

What other alternatives are available for migrating to Singapore besides permanent residency (PR)?

  • High value investment migration through GIP
  • Investment-Entrepreneurship migration through EntrePass (Investors)
  • Skilled-Entrepreneurship migration through EP
  • Tech.Pass

Global Investor Programme (GIP)

If you can qualify, go straight for GIP. GIP has the highest barrier to entry as easiest category requirements are S$200 million annual turnover. If you can qualify, your chances of success are high, and the application will be straightforward.

EntrePass (Investors)

You are an investor or someone with existing business overseas. By investing in Singapore, you can hit two birds with one stone.

Benefit from the investment framework we have (tax regime, incentives etc) and
The EntrePass holder in Singapore typically sets up a family office or venture capital as investment holding vehicles. Your business activity will be investment related instead of professional services, trading and so on. To fulfill EntrePass criterion, your portfolio would focus on tech with flexibility to include other investment types.

Obtain EntrePass and dependent pass for the option to stay in Singapore as needed
If your goal is to apply for PR, an EntrePass is more advantageous compared to an Employment Pass. This is because an EntrePass has specific renewal requirements for the company to directly contribute to local economy by direct expenditure and local employee hiring. Whereas, an Employment Pass’s renewal is subjective between the relationship of the applicant and host company only (no direct link to local economy contribution).

Employment Pass (EP)

The Employment Pass is suitable for any businessperson who has the relevant skill or experience to operate a business in Singapore and a degree from a reputable institution.

    • You intend on finding a job in Singapore
    • You have an existing overseas business to expand into Singapore
    • You can start and run a new business in Singapore
    • An EP is ideal for business owners who will relocate and live in Singapore to run their businesses. Your
    • physical presence in Singapore will contribute to your PR application.

More information on Incorporation with Employment Pass.


A new work pass initiated in 2021, the Tech Pass is available for top-notch foreign professionals and experts who are keen to launch businesses, head corporate teams, or become a lecturer in Singapore.

Example: Top-notch e-commerce, AI, and cybersecurity foreign professionals and experts.