Regulations for Offers of Securities (prospectus requirements)

Can a prospectus be supplemented or replaced with another document?

A prospectus or profile statement can be supplemented with another document under certain circumstances. 

According to the SFA

Lodging supplementary document or replacement document

241.—(1) If, after a prospectus or profile statement is registered but before the close of the offer of securities or securities-based derivatives contracts, the person making that offer becomes aware of — (a) a false or misleading statement in the prospectus or profile statement; (b) an omission from the prospectus of any information that should have been included in it under section 243, or an omission from the profile statement of any information that should have been included in it under section 246, as the case may be;


(c) a new circumstance that — (i) has arisen since the prospectus or profile statement was lodged with the Authority;


(ii) would have been required by — (A) section 243 to be included in the prospectus; or (B) section 246 to be included in the profile statement, if it had arisen before the prospectus or the profile statement, as the case may be, was lodged,

and that is materially adverse from the point of view of an investor, the person may lodge a supplementary or replacement prospectus, or a supplementary or replacement profile statement (referred to in this section as a supplementary or replacement document, as the case may be), with the Authority.