Guide to incorporating a foreign branch office

Steps in registering a foreign branch office in Hong Kong

Foreign companies need to engage professional firms when they want to set their branch office in Hong Kong. The good news is that Paul Hype Consultant services are such a branch professional firm that has experience in setting up such branch offices. It is also a requirement that the branch office applies for registration within a month of establishing a physical place of doing business in Hong Kong. The two simple steps that are involved in setting up a branch office in Hong Kong is;

1. Approval of the Company Name

The name of the branch company that is to be set up in Hong Kong needs to be the same as that parent company’s name. The name will generally be approved unless it;

  • Infringes the trademarks;
  • Is offensive or contrary to Hong Kong’s public interest;
  • Is similar to the name of another company that is already incorporated with the Hong Kong Companies Registry

2. Application of the Branch Office Registration

The second step after approval of the proposed branch office name is to submit the necessary registration documents to the Companies Registry . If the name approval is successful and all the required documents by the companies registry offices are presented, then the approval of registration follows immediately, and the Certificate of Registration of the Non-Hong Kong Company is issued immediately. The certificate must be collected physically at the Companies Registry offices. However, if the presenter sends another party to collect the certificate, then they must send them with a well-written authorization on the same.