Guide to relocating my company

Different types of fees for foreign company setting up in Singapore

To redomicile in Singapore:

According to ACRA (Application for Transfer of Registration - Foreign Corporate Entities)

A fee of $1000 (non-refundable) for application for Transfer of Registration. A fee of $200 (non-refundable) for each application for Extension of Time under section 359(7), Part XA of the Companies Act. The payment details and instructions are indicated in the PDF application forms.


To set up a representative office (RO):

According to Enterprise Singapore (FAQs)

All new and renewal applications are to be submitted online to Enterprise Singapore's website at For online renewal application, all basic information submitted in your last application will be populated for any updating. The processing fee is S$200 (nett) per year for each application and payment can be made online via either Visa or Master card, Corporate Paynow or Electronic Bank Transfer.

Please note that the processing fee is non-refundable even if the application is unsuccessful or withdrawn.


To set up a branch office, and also to incorporate a local subsidiary:

According to ACRA (How-to Guides – Registering a Foreign Company),

Transaction Fee
Name Application Fee $15
Registration Fee $300


According to ACRA (How-to Guides – Setting Up a Local Company), 

[Also note that] Foreigners without a Singpass will need to engage a registered filing agent to submit the company name and incorporation applications on their behalf. [And this usually leads to additional costs.]