Singapore Permanent Resident (PR): Application

Permanent Resident (PR) eligibility criteria, other factors considered, and important documents

1. You may be eligible:

  • Through familial ties e.g. Spouse, parent or child
  • Employment Pass (EP) or S Pass holder
  • Student studying in Singapore
  • Foreign investor in Singapore through Global Investor Programme (GIP)

2. Evaluation criterion
Evaluting your integration to society, potential contribution and commitment to Singapore through:

  • Career, experience or work pass
  • Education or specialisation
  • Length of stay or local family
  • Age or family profile
  • Investments or economic contribution
  • Others: Local community involvement, tax payment etc

3. Important documents for EP or S Pass holders applying PR

  • Testimonials from previous employer(s)
  • Supporting documents for local involvements
  • Details of salary breakdown into basic, overtime and allowance
  • Spouse and child(ren) documents if applicable