Singapore Employment Pass (EP): Application and Renewal

What documents must be provided to MOM for EP application?

The documents/info needed for the first submission are:

  • Latest passport copy
  • Latest Company ACRA bizfile
  • Candidate latest email address as well as SG mobile number
  • Latest education information (if any)
  • Latest membership information (if any)

Additional/supporting documents

Over the past months, even though a Company has been well established in Singapore for more than 2 years, MOM will still be likely to request supporting documents to ensure the Company is still well equipped to continue hiring a foreign employee via work pass and the candidate of choice is still well deserving of the position offered.

Paul Hype Page offers a group of expertise that can advise you on what are the potential documents MOM will high likely request and guide you on how to well prepare the documents based on MOM guideline.

Some of the possible documents are:

  1. Candidates latest 3 months of payslips and personal bank statements
    The rationale to request this document is to ensure the Company is paying the foreign worker salary as per what is stated in IPA letter
    MOM will check if the Company has transferred the EP holder salary from the Company bank account to the EP holder personal bank account monthly
    Supporting needed are candidate payslips, candidate personal bank account highlighting the salary received, Company bank statement highlighting salary paid to EP holder
  2. Candidate latest Notice of Assessment from IRAS
    The rationale to request this document is to ensure that the EP holder has played her part in declaring her personal income tax with IRAS and pay the tax payable accordingly
    The amount declared should be the monthly salary stated in IPA for the next 12 months
    EG: Salary declared in IPA is SGD$ 6,000. Salary declared with IRAS should be SGD$ 72,000 (SGD$ 6,000 x 12 months)
    If EP holder were to declare a salary lower than it should be, there should be a justification letter to support the reason
  3. Employing Company latest Notice of Assessment from IRAS
    The rationale to request this document is to ensure that the employing Company has done their part in submitting its annual tax filing to IRAS
    The Notice of Assessment can be retrieved via MyTax Portal
  4. Employing Company photo and tenancy agreement
    The rationale to request this document is to ensure that the Company have a physical office in Singapore for its to continue operating
    Even though the current pandemic situation calls for most employers to work remotely, renting a physical office brings confidence to MOM that the Company will continue being in Singapore in the long run
    Renting an office space is also acceptable
  5. Proof of Employing Company ongoing business
    The rationale to have this document is to justify to MOM the Company’s ability to remain the EP applicant and whether there is a business reason to remain the EP applicant. The supporting documents needed are corporate bank account, invoices issued as well as proof of payment made within Company bank statement, financial statement, and provision of tax calculated and contracts secured / Letter of Intent (LOI)

These documents are crucial as they are one of the key factors for the EP renewal to be approved.