Staffing Regulations for all fund management companies and fund managers (LFMC, RFMC, VCFM)

What are the directorship requirements for the respective fund management companies (FMCs)?

The CEO, directors and relevant professionals of the FMC must have adequate experience that is relevant to the fund management activities of the FMC.

The board of directors of the FMC should collectively have experience in portfolio management, as well as in support functions such as:

  • Risk management;
  • Operations; and
  • Compliance.

Other non-exhaustive requirements to consider include the following:

  • At least one of the Executive Directors should have portfolio management experience in asset classes or markets that the FMC intends to invest;
  • The period of relevant experience will be considered in assessing the competency of key individuals;
  • The CEO and directors of an FMC must collectively have the competencies and authority that would allow them to exercise effective control over the activities of the FMC and its staff.