Getting started: Setting up a business

What are the next steps after incorporation?

Incorporation is an essential step to the successful starting of a business in Hong Kong. However, there are numerous activities that you will have to undertake after the incorporation process. You will have to be registered with the Business Registration Office of the IRD department. The business is mandated to display its business registration certificate at its premises.

The other thing that you will require before officially starting your operations is the licenses for your business. You might need particular government licenses depending on the business that you are undertaking or the industry within which your business lies. Others include business permits, certificates, and necessary approvals to start your business operations in Hong Kong.

To operate in Hong Kong, you will need licenses/permits or certificates for various business dealings. However, there will be exceptional undertakings that will not require a certificate or license. You will also need to prepare your premise for inspection before being issued with certain licenses/permits. If you need to know the progress of your license/permit application, you will do through the online tracking facility from the Hong Kong Companies Registry website.

After you have successfully obtained your certificate of incorporation and licensing, you can then concentrate on hiring the employees for your business. This might be another challenging task but not when you choose to do it with Paul Hype Page services.