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What is SSIC Code, ROC and ACRA?

An SSIC code, or Singapore Standard Industrial Classification Code, is a number that is used to categorize a company’s business operations that take place in Singapore. ROC, or Registrar of Companies, is authorities appointed as a regulator for all the companies and aspiring entrepreneurs in the country.

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) is a statutory board in Singapore that regulates the regulation of corporations and public accountants, as well as facilitating business development. ACRA Singapore also has the authority to impose composition penalties and issue court summonses to firms that fail to comply with the Companies Act’s continuing compliance requirements.

SSIC codes are used by the governments in Singapore to keep track on the number of business activities under each category. These codes are updated on a regular basis depending on whether there is a change in business activities by the business owners.

The purpose is to make certain that the codes:

  • Keep up with changes in international standards
  • Reflect key changes in the economy
  • Stay informed about new activities

Apart from these, these codes are also used for purposes such as:

  • Establishing whether any further licenses are required for the company’s business activities
  • Determining if a corporation qualifies for special tax benefits