Nature of Singapore Employment Pass

What are the criteria to hold an Employment Pass?

The criteria to be eligible to hold an Employment Pass is as follows:

  • Company wishes to employ you
  • Salary offered is SGD$ 4,500 above
  • Education background is from accredited institution
  • Professional qualification, specialist skills is suitable to position applied

From 1 September onwards, the EP qualifying salary will be raised to to S$5,000 for all sectors, and S$5,500 for financial services. This also applies to EP renewals from 1 September 2023. This is in line with the Ministry of Manpowers (MOM) efforts to ensure the quality of EP holders. 

FinReg business tip

To apply for an Employment Pass (EP), it would certainly boost your chances if your educational background is from an accredited institution or you have long work experiences and professional skills in a particular field. The Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) assesses each application without prejudice, so long as supporting documents requested are well prepared.