Singapore Employment Pass (EP): Application and Renewal

What are some reasons why my EP application might have been rejected?

  • Tightening of regulations by MOM
  • No efforts in hiring local
  • Company does not have sufficient fund
  • A leap of candidate’s salary
  • Job Scope and Qualifications Do Not Match
  • The Position Can be Easily Replaced by a Singaporean
  • Applicant Did Not  Fulfil  the Eligibility Criteria
  • Discrepancies in Applicant’s Personal Information


MOM examine a candidate’s educational background, work experiences, the salary offered, and market demands for certain occupation before deciding the outcome of the application. Hence, your profile should be commensurate with the job scope. To put simply, a junior executive should not be hired for a senior associate position.


It is always advantageous for a candidate to possess skills and knowledge related to the occupation applied as an EP holder. It will also be helpful if some letter of recommendations, be it from the past employers or potential clients are presented to support the application. The supporting documents will boost the chance of success in an application.

In certain situations, the candidate opts to put in the application without first checking their eligibility via the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) which leads to rejection. One of the reasons for it is the salary demand. Even though the current minimum qualifying salary for one to hold an Employment Pass is SGD $4,500, it does not apply to every candidate. 

Checking their eligibility via the SAT is definitely helpful before proceeding to submit the EP application. Also speak to a consultant that can gauge if your salary is in proportion to your age, experience, skills and the job scope.