Nature of Singapore Tech Pass

What can I do with Tech Pass?

Incorporate a company and launch a business in Singapore
Be the board of directors of a Singapore-based company or become an investor or shareholder in Singapore’s companies
Be a lecturer in universities in Singapore
Be an adviser or mentor to a Singapore company, conducting corporate training or workshops.

As a Tech Pass holder, you enjoy benefits such as:

  • Start and operate one or more tech companies;
  • Be an employee in one or more Singapore-based companies at any time;
  • Be a shareholder or investor in Singapore companies;

This will give you all the freedom to explore, invest and mentor in the industry of Technology.

Successful applicants are encouraged to contribute to the local startup ecosystem through activities such as:

  • Hosting or speaking at workshops or webinars
  • Organizing deal-making or networking sessions
  • Providing mentorship for other startups.