Singapore Employment Pass (EP): Application and Renewal

When can I renew my Employment Pass and Dependent Pass?

An employment pass can be renewed up to 6 months before the pass expiry date. It is advisable to renew the pass within the 6 months as MOM might take longer to assess the renewal application. Do not fret as you will not loose the remaining days in your current pass even though you proceed to renew earlier.

DPs that are linked to the EP can be renewed once the EP renewal is approved. For the cases which EP renewal outcome is still pending, the DP can be renewed at least one (1) month before the expiry date.

MOM will auto approve the application with an extension of extra one (1) month to give more time for MOM officer to conclude the EP renewal outcome. Once EP renewal is approved, the DP renewal will be submitted again so the duration is tied to the main pass holder.