Guide to incorporating a private limited company

Documents needed for company registration in Hong Kong

To set up a Hong Kong limited liability company, the following documents are required with officially certified translated versions for any non-English documents provided:

  • Company’s Article of Association
  • A Notice to Business Registration Office
  • A duly completed incorporation form that includes the following:
    • Company Name
    • Registered Address
    • Brief Description of Business Activities
    • Particulars of Shareholders, Directors and Company Secretary
    • Liability of Members
    • Share Capital Registered on Corporation
    • Number of Shares taken up by Subscribers
  • For non-resident shareholders and directors:
    • Copy of passport and proof of overseas residential address
  • For resident shareholders and directors
    • Copy of Hong Kong identity card and proof of residential address
  • For corporate shareholders and directors
    • Copy of parent company registration documents such as Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association