Guide to incorporating a private limited company

Steps to Be Taken After the Business Has Been Started in Hong Kong

The following steps are to be taken after the business has been started in Hong Kong.

Opening of a Bank Account
After the registration of a company in Hong Kong, the first step to be taken the opening of a bank account. The duration of the opening of an account varies from bank to bank. The following documents are required for opening a bank account in Hong Kong:

  • An authorized copy of the Articles of Association of the company
  • An authorized true copy of the business registration information of the company
  • An authorized copy of the certificate of the incorporation of the company; this certificate is issued by the Companies Registry
  • A copy of the company owner’s Hong Kong ID (Identity Card) and passport supported with residential proof including utility bills, bank statements, and driving license among others.

Appointment of Directors
After the registration of the company, the company must appoint directors and a company secretary before business operations may commence.